Getting to grips with the redesign of the Facebook insights is a must for all page owners

Facebook Insights

Split into tabs the Facebook Insights now makes understanding your page’s performance easier.

Find The Information You Need  in your Facebook Insights – Overview
You can move between the different tabs to learn more about what’s been happening with your Page. The Overview tab gives you a 7-day snapshot of the most important activity on your Page. Navigate through the other tabs to see a more detailed picture of what’s going on.

Watch Your Audience Grow – Likes
See how many likes your Page gained and lost each day, and learn where on Facebook your likes are coming from.

Understand Your Reach
Posts that get more likes, comments and shares show up more in News Feed and are seen by more people. Posts that are hidden, reported as spam or cause people to unlike your Page reach fewer people. If you notice a spike or dip, look at what you posted that day to learn more about how you might have influenced your reach.

See Where Your Fans Are Coming From – Visits
See where on the Internet people are coming from to get to your Page, and where on your Page they’re going once they arrive.

Compare Post Performance – Posts
Understand how people are responding to your posts to help you create content that your audience cares about.
See how specific posts and types of posts perform so you can focus your efforts on what works.

Get To Know Your Fans – People
Find out more about who likes your Page and who likes, comments, and shares your posts to improve your targeting.
See how they’re similar or different from other people on Facebook.

For a detailed look at the changes read Search Engine Watch’s article An Introduction to Facebook’s New Page Insights


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