I have for some time been reading here and there about
Google taking over the web.

In blogs and forums.  On websites around and about….. Will we soon all have to pay, Google taking over the web?

Sitepoint is a resource I have used for many years.

Their latest newsletter made me smile … or perhaps grimace.
(images from the Sitepoint Newsletter)


So is Google taking over?

Google taking over?

I remember playing the Simon game at parties with friends. Never did I imagine that later in life I would be playing a game with the same four colours ….

  • Should you prepare?
  • How dependent is your business on Google?
  • If Google keeps making less and less use of the organic listings how will this affect you?
  • What Google products are you using?
  • Are you  working on attracting customers to your business through other avenues than the Google organic listings?

Some things for you to consider in the next weeks and months.  We at Pembrokeshire Online are already working hard on our strategy.


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