A responsive web design that adapts for each visitor is the way forward but can be tricky to make sure it works well on every device.

What devices are your website visitors using?

Is your website accessible?

This article at The Web Design Ledger summarizes the present situation of designing websites to suit multiple devices.
The Flexible Web

“A greatly designed website is like water, no matter what container you’re pouring it into, it always has the ability to adjust. Trying to achieve that with as less code and with as few redundant media queries as possible is a beautiful feat worth striving for. It’s something that will pay off in the long run, for you as designer and for the people who can make use of your content no matter what screen they’ll pick for the day.”

If you are having a WordPress site – Check to make sure you have a responsive template.  There are many free templates to choose from or consider a paid for template. With a template there are less choices to make as you simply put your content into the provided layout.

If you are having a bespoke design then discuss the accessibility of your website with your web designer.  You need to consider what devices your site visitors are most likely to be using.  Whilst difficult to check on every single type of device, checking on as many as possible is a valuable exercise. You may have to compromise between the design you want and the technical challenges of having a responsive design.

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