Websites should be viewed as constantly changing and so should your SEO campaign. Keeping up with trends and changes is very important.

Here is a quick guide from Lunametrics that shows how  SEO regular checks taking as little as 15 minutes can help you be aware of any problems.

My Fifteen Minute Weekly SEO Health Check

Every Monday, I run through a checklist for each of my SEO clients. The goal is to discover issues that don’t warrant same-day response time, but should still be addressed in a timely manner. There’s slight variations from client to client, and I sometimes use paid tools, but below is the basic template, featuring my 3 favorite free SEO tools: Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics.

SEO Health Checklist

    1. Google Webmaster Tools: Check Crawl Errors, Index Status, and Messages.
    2. Bing Webmaster Tools: Check Site Activity Screen, Crawl Information, and SEO Reports.
    3. Google Analytics Reports: Review Keywords, Landing Pages, Sources, SEO traffic numbers and engagement.
    4. Google Analytics Alerts: Review Custom Alerts and Automatic Alerts. Review other reports as needed.

A disclaimer: This checklist is best used in proper scope in conjunction with other intelligence-gathering methods. Other recommended methods include: Google Custom Alerts, Webmaster Tools notifications, and Daily peaks at Google Analytics Dashboard.

The main purpose of this checklist is to fill as much remaining insight as possible in fifteen minutes. It helps me catch SEO problems and opportunities earlier, and informs me on how I need to adjust weekly SEO workflow. It really makes my job easier.

It might take a bit of time to set things up and get used to finding everything, but once you have it down, and you know what your metrics should look like, you’ll soon be gettin’ her down to 10-15 minutes on average.

For details on each step read the Lunametrics article

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