I have been reading recently about Google changing their search results display affecting the title length.  Yet another hurdle has been put in place for ordinary website authors.  No longer can you easily craft an attractive title with the simple rule of thumb 70 characters long.  Ariel, the font being used is a proportional font so if you use thin letters you can have more of them in the title. Another factor is the embolding of the search terms. There is a difference depending on where Google shows your title. Some titles are shown in full, with the text being wrapped.

Do some searches and see if you can spot these new changes.

Are they affecting your own website?

You will need to review each page and while you are at it why not revise your descriptions. They should now be used as a call to action. You need to write enticing strap lines to encourage a higher click through rate from the search returns. Their length can still be about 160 characters including spaces and punctuation.

Should you use a | (pipe) in your titles? It seems to still be the fashion. Personally I don’t like it as I still think of a title as a summary of the page not a list of key words and phrases. There is some debate as to whether it matters or not. If you have come across an article on this point please let me know.

Title length in Google search results

Title length in Google tool by Moz

Read the accompanying article for detailed explanation of title length and bookmark the tool.


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