Wild images of Pembrokeshire across the social networks today. A wild day in Pembrokeshire indeed.

Today I had a fantastic day in the garden.

Yes the same day!  One of the reasons I love living in this part of the world is the chance to be outside. As I raked my wildflower orchard the wind howled overhead.  My hedges meant I could hear the storm but not feel it.  A Blackbird’s song pierced the din. A Raven cavorted overhead.  I breathed deep and paused often leaning on my rake to admire the elements (and catch my breath). Dog bouncing and distributing firewood with gay abandon. Glorious ozone rich air with the scent of the sea carried over the fields to me. Delight at watching the Woodpecker on the nut feeder.  How lucky am I to live in such a glorious place!

Next summer in the tranquility of a summer day admiring my flower filled orchard I will remember the wild winter day I raked away the bones of winter dreaming of the summer to come.

 wild day in PembrokeshireWild day in Pembrokeshire

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Putting the washing on the line was a tad optimistic but it is drier now than when I hung it out!

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Pembrokeshire is a wonderful place to live and visit. What do you like best about Pembrokeshire?
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